Short Walks in Kaiteriteri - Kaka Point & Breaker Bay

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A short stroll to the Northern end of Kaiteriteri Beach will take you to Kaka Pah Point, a very easy walk suitable for all the family.  Kaka Pah Point is a Historic Reserve and is of cultural importance to tāngata whenua. Ngāti Rārua and Te Ātiawa Ki Te Tau Ihu (Te Ātiawa) are the mana whenua iwi of Kaiteriteri. You will find some plaques at the top of the trail when you get there if you 'd like to learn more.


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Kaka Point is covered in many native trees such as Pohutakawa and Manuka, it is also full of very large eucalypts, my daughter took much interest in these trees as we wound our way up the little walking track. Very impressed with their sheer size and how they are nestled in amongst the granite boulders.

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There are many stunning view points along the walk, but the most 'grammable' as the kids say, is a bench that overlooks Kaiteriteri Beach. Many times we have tried to remove the graffiti but we've left it as so for the time being until we can find a paint that will be resistant to cheeky people tagging their names. 

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Walk away from Kaiteriteri Beach and across the Kaka Point carpark you will notice a monument adorned with travel locations and their directions and distance. Probably not a climbing frame as pictured, but try telling and 7 and 9 year old that. On the far side of the monument there is a plaque with more information about the point.

IMG 3128Under a nearby huge eucalyptus, there is a stunning lookout where you can view the house that sits at Honeymoon Bay. It nestles in amongst beautiful green vegetation and the aqua of the sea makes it look like a painting. A private house but you can access the beach at low tide. We decided to head back down the road to Kaka point and go down to the adjoining Breaker Bay.

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Only accessible by a path, Breaker Bay is a secluded spot away from traffic and parked cars. You really feel like you are away from the crowds here. At the Southern end, Kaka Point, and the northern end Honeymoon Bay. Today it was dotted with a few families with parasols, we collected cats eyes and had our wee picnic. After a dip to cool off we made our way back to Kaiteriteri. All in all a fantastic place to explore with my small people and a change of scenery from the main beach.