When can I check-in to my accomodation?

Check-in time is 2pm. Please come to reception and one of our staff will let you know any important information about your stay.


When can I book my summer accommodation?

Cabin and apartments booking release date is 15thApril, Campsite release date is 3rd May – both of these cover the period of 20th December 2021 to 31st January 2022. Outside of these dates bookings can be made now.


Can I bring my dog to Kaiteriteri?

Kaiteriteri Beach, the estuary, Mountain Bike Park and Campground are all on Crown Reserve Land. These areas do not allow dogs unfortunately, and the area is protected under bylaws prohibiting dogs.  Many native birds nest in these areas, some of them such as the Blue Penguin, are flightless and cannot defend themselves against dogs. Sadly many have died and there are fines that will be applied to those not adhering to the bylaws.

You can walk your dog on a controlled lead along the Road and footpath as this is state highway. 


Can I fly my drone at Kaiteriteri?

Due to Reserve bylaws, drones can only be flown in the Reserve (Beach, MTB Park, Estuary and Campground) with permission from the Reserve Management. Please ask about this at the camp reception if you would like permission.


Can I ride my bike in the camp now?

Yes, we have changed the rules around riding through and around the campground. Please stick to the 5km speed limit that also applies to vehicles.  Anyone breeching this privilege will get a warning, and subsequent misuse may result in current or re-book privileges being revoked.