Helping out the Little Blues

IMG 4030

Little Blue Penguin houses at Little Kaiteriteri Beach

We were asked recently if we could possibly help out with a rather nice job. Little Kaiteriteri falls under the Tasman District Council, however when a couple of locals from our neighbouring beach asked if we could help out, we jumped at the chance. Our beaches are home to New Zealand Little Blue Penguins, and although not an endangered species they are under threat from human influence and sadly pet dogs. 


So one of the easy things we can do is provided some extra protection and habitat as us humans build houses and infringe on their homes.  We were able to sponsor some product for Linda and her husband to make some penguin houses. I ventured with them to instal one at the bottom of a residents garden and saw just how great these boxes are. Hopefully in the future we might get some residents and eggs! Next step might be a night vision camera so we can watch carefully how these little guys live and make more people aware of who we share our stunning beaches with.

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