The Camp

The camp still has the same relaxed feel and friendly atmosphere as it has always had, with guests catching up with friends, barbecuing and sharing a few drinks together. Our staff always have time for a chat and are only too happy to be of assistance in any way we can.
Booking Policy
There has been a little confusion among some of our regular guests around our re-booking (loyalty) policy. Some guests, because of their many years coming to the Reserve have had the privilege of being given first option to re-book their site for the following year. It would seem in the past that this has been inconsistently applied and overly flexible on arrival-departure dates. The policy has not changed but in terms of application, our emphasis is on consistency, transparency and fairness. The policy applies to existing guests who have camped 5 years or more:
  • on the same site
  • for exactly the same dates
  • with no more than a 1 year break
For those who are eligible for loyalty re-booking for the 2017/18 season, you can do this before your departure this season.  A deposit at that time will secure your booking and will need to be secured before 15 April 2017 as after that date all other remaining sites will be bookable online through our new website. We will not be making any loyalty re-books for new guests from the 2016-17 season onward.
One other area we have looked at is limiting families to one site only during the peak season to prevent adjoining sites being used for boats, cars, jet skis, storage etc. This is to ensure that we open availability as much as possible to those who want to visit Kaiteriteri.
Storage Vans
For owners of caravans in our storage compound who would like us to put their vans on-site in readiness for their arrival, we would appreciate a quick phone-call or an email a few days in advance, so our grounds staff can be prepared. During your stay, please confirm your departure date so that we can prepare to move your van back to storage. Finally, please advise us of any movement in or out of the facility during the year so we can keep an accurate account. 
Biking in the Camp
Great news for bike riders, young and not so young. We now allow biking inside the camp and we wish to see kids enjoying their bikes. Naturally there will be a few rules in relation to ‘no biking’ zones, such as on the concrete around the amenity blocks and up the ramp to the shop.  We need to be mindful of the wide range of age groups and to keep it a safe place for all. Bike helmets must be worn at all times and parents and drivers should be mindful of their responsibilities with moving cars, caravans and boats.
Equipment Rental
We have a limited supply of fridges/fridge-freezers and RCD cords.  You can request these items on arrival and, subject to availability, we will endeavor to supply them at a fee to be added to your account, as soon as one becomes available.  It is a first-in, first-served basis.  If you are using the fridges/freezers in the camp kitchens, please label each item with your name, date and site number.  Labels are available at the office.  The cleaners will dispose of all un-named items and items that appear to have been there for many days.
Health and Safety
As you can all appreciate, given the new H&S environment everyone has to operate in, please be mindful of a few reasonable policies which are designed to keep everyone safe and ensure an enjoyable experience:
  • if we place your caravan onsite we will park it with the tow bar to the road.  If you put your own van on site, or move its position, you will be responsible for moving it off site in case of an emergency.
  • we will be monitoring the 1 metre boundary rule so your ‘solid walls’ must be 1 metre from your neighbour’s boundary, and if any vehicles or boats stick out onto the roadway, please move them to the trailer park in Martins Farm Road.
  • any visitors that come to the camp to see you during your stay, become your responsibility and they must comply with procedures.
  • the beach is a no alcohol zone and will be monitored by staff and police.
  • please adhere to speed limits within the Reserve and on public roads.
  • if your caravan electrical WOF has expired you will not be able to connect to our power supply so please ensure this is fixed prior to arrival on site.